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About the Name of our School and our Philosophy

The Name, Health Wave, is meaningful for us for in several ways. The
movement toward healthy lifestyle choices, preventive measures, and energy
therapies has now reached the mainstream. The natural health wave has
caught on.

When our energy is available to us, it arises out of stillness and then
moves in Waves, including the deeper, slower waves of the cranial Tides. The
Bible refers to an energy phenomenon called "The Breath of Life" and "The
Music of the Spheres". Many describe the way healing energy "warbles" in a
sound wave pattern, like a bird s song. We sense its continuity and midline
while we are transported by its song.

Within the sea is tremendous power that arises from the depths of stillness.
Sometimes it is driven by the winds which arise from the horizon and reach
us with the Intelligence of Spirit that is beyond time and which connects us
to the deepest aspects of ourselves. Energy is an experience that lets us
know we are alive. It s the tingle after a brisk walk, the warmth in our
chest when we are touched by tender feelings, the inspiration that comes
from our Source. Energy is expressed as the in-breath and the out-breath of
life, in continual phases of contraction and expansion, and as the waving
loop of the infinity sign. The HWI logo is composed of many figure eights
because when I track energy patterns, they often show up in figure eight

Our web design also depicts the feeling of sunlight shimmering on the water
- the adamantine particles of light that fill and surround every molecule of
our precious universe.

Our philosophy is to focus on the Health in a client s system more than on
his or her Pathology. Symptoms and sad stories are listened to and recorded
for use in therapy, but they are not the main focus of the treatment,
because we know that problems are just a sign that the body s energy system
is out of alignment. By focusing on the client's health, we access the
juice needed to power the client s own internal healing intelligence. When
we locate blocked energy, we look for the kernel of Health within that
block, and as we watch it and support it, it begins to dance. Out of that
dance grow new possibilities, inspirations, new approaches to life.


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Disclaimer: This web site, Sharon Porter, her staff and the Health Wave Institute do not claim to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please see your physician for serious health problems. This is an educational content site.

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