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Somatic Trauma Resolution


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 NOTE: Health Wave Institute is no longer associated with the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

Sharon Porter is currently completing book projects, teaching - primarily Somatic Trauma Resolution and Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises - and seeing clients LINK. See Calendar for schedule. She is retaining descriptions of other courses, as she actively mentors students in these fields and may teach some of them again later.

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Educational Services
Educational Programs & Courses
Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR)
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)
Polarity Therapy
Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner (CEMP)
Process Workshop
Birth Dynamics

Pre and Post Op Healing
Cost of Courses
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Entrance Requirements
Progress Policy
A Career in Energy Therapies

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Health Wave Institute (HWI) offers quality training from experienced, credentialed teachers in the field of Holistic Health, with an emphasis on energy-based therapies. Our purpose is to ease the suffering of humanity while encouraging greater consciousness.

HWI is owned by Sharon Smith Porter and Dan Lee Burgess. The officers of the school are: Sharon Porter, Program Director; Dan Burgess, Administrator.

Faculty Members
Sharon Porter, Instructor
Dan Burgess, Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Administrator

Educational Services and Philosophy

Overall Objectives: Health Wave Institute programs are adult-education courses in holistic health based on Polarity Therapy as defined by the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA), on Craniosacral Therapy as defined by the Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (CSTA/NA), and on Somatic Trauma Resolution, as defined by Health Wave Institute and based primarily on Somatic Experiencing, with influences from other energy and somatic psychotherapy systems.

The objective of an HWI program is twofold: occupational development for health-field professionals, and personal growth.

Philosophy: HWI teaches that there is great healing power and intelligence within us that can be accessed for healing through skill, training, intuition and connection to spirit. We support what is variously called complementary or integrative medicine (CAM), Energy Medicine, and what some call Energy Therapies, in which we use high-tech hands, sensitivity and wisdom.

HWI does not offer employment placement assistance but will provide letters of recommendation for outstanding graduates.

(STR) teaches the client to become curious about bodily sensations in a way that opens neural pathways and allows trauma-bound energy to safely discharge. The energy system then reorganizes to a higher level of function. The STR Certification course is based primarily on Somatic Experiencing (SE), the work described in Peter Levine s landmark book,
Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma. The HWI program adds energy principles from Polarity, the Craniosacral system and other aspects of Energy Medicine. These are described and demonstrated in the Certification course and are further developed in advanced courses. The work is usually done as an adjunct to psychotherapeutic, allopathic and bodywork modalities, and for those who work with traumatized people. With sufficient experience, some will do STR as a stand-alone therapy. Many experienced practitioners have called it the missing link in healing, because trauma has a distinctly different response in the nervous system, and learning to work with it somatically greatly improves the outcome of all therapeutic processes. EMC is a Health Wave Institute certification.

Prerequisites: Personal interview live or on Skype

Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR) Course 110  view course information page
140 Hours Classroom Hours over 20 days of training (usually in 6 modules),
plus 30 documented sessions given, 2 sessions received from STR or SE
practitioners, reading, and 4 written session reports. Materials include
three books (plus one unpublished ms.), and a gymnastic ball. Course may be
taken without certification for the same price.
No prerequisites


a) Course Description
Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR) is based primarily on Somatic Experiencing,
Peter Levine's groundbreaking work with how to re-regulate our physiology
and nervous system when it has been traumatized. STR teaches the client to
become curious about bodily sensations in a way that opens neural pathways
and allows trauma-bound energy to safely discharge. You will learn
principles of the link between sensations and discharge, the importance of
carefully controlling the level of activation, and how this system is so
precise and reliably effective in building resiliency for future events as
well as healing the effects of overwhelm from the past. The work is usually
done as an adjunct to psychotherapeutic, allopathic, energy healing and
bodywork modalities, and for those who work with traumatized people. With
sufficient experience, some will do STR as a stand-alone modality. Many
experienced practitioners have called it the missing link in healing
because of the grace and ease with which it effectively addresses a
difficult area of healing.

Additional practice, supervision and/or repeating the course at half price
may be required for some students to become proficient in the work.
Personal growth is an important element of training. Some students may make
personal growth their primary objective.

Educational objectives include:
· Theory of trauma model and its energetic component
· How the nervous system responds when overwhelmed
· Building resources and retraining the nervous system toward greater
· How tracking sensations opens the neural pathways to allow trauma-bound
energy to safely discharge
· Exercises to release frozen defensive responses (and come into body)
· Translating Emotions and Meaning into sensations to get discharge
· Greater access to gut feelings and wisdom
· Using your voice tone to support discharge
· Effect on energy fields and craniosacral system

Resourcing, incl. intuition, safe place
The Language of Sensations
Three-stage Titrations of
Boundaries (No and That s My Limit)
Frozen Defensive Responses (Spoken, Physical, Abuse)
Self-Tracking and Self-Care
Following the Resource & Trauma Vortex Waves
Palpating Shock in Field/by Touch
First Aid to Lower Activation level
Scrambling the time sequence: Turned out OK
Tracking Emotions into Discharge
Sensations, Image, Behavior, Affect, Meaning
Responsive sound-making for vocal tones that enhance or inhibit
Running Commentary on Principles during Demos
DVD s (extra charge) for reviewing material
Coupling Dynamics (Under and Over-Coupling)
Wave Back and Forth
Orienting Responses
Holding a container of compassion, loving kindness, sympathetic
joy and equanimity.
Softening the impact, changing the power balance
Inner child with STR
STR in Gestalt Therapy
Questions to organize/complete intention/direction
Releasing Force Vectors from blows, falls, words/sounds
Gymnastic Ball and Bodywork
Communication in relationships, pre-born and after death for transformation
of old patterns Practice/Dyads
Co-dependency and enmeshment issues
Sexual Abuse, Rape
Accidents - resourcing, knowing, slowing and softening
Auto Accidents
Taking History
Pre and post op, anesthesia (incl. dental)
Grief and Loss
Intro to Disasters, Babies/Birth, Children and other Advanced Courses
Integration (previous STR students invited for this)

Six 3-4 day modules spread out through 18 months (Note that course has been
lengthened for more leisurely integration.) Students are also invited to
attend additional courses at reduced price, as well as to purchase DVD s of
courses. (The material may trigger one s own unresolved trauma, making it
hard to fully absorb material the first time.)

f) Textbooks
Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter Levine;
Sexual Healing audiotape by Peter Levine; Crash Course by Dianne Heller; Ms
or book of cases and Syllabus by Sharon Porter

Cost: Approx. $2,800 depending on sponsor/location

Introduction to Somatic Trauma Resolution Course (Module I)
Course 111

This is the same course material as in first module, but it may on occasion be offered separately, as an introduction to the work..


Somatic Trauma Resolution, Electronic Course Course 120
This is videotape of the four module course above. For Certification: 30 sessions given, including 4 written session reports and 2 videotaped sessions; 4 sessions received from an STR or SE practitioners. Materials same as above. Can also be taken without credit

Non-Certification STR Course: Order a set of videotapes or DVD s that will arrive in a packet with written course materials. Best watched with a study partner to trade practice sessions with. Phone sessions with Sharon are an option. Available summer of 2005.

As taught at HWI, Craniosacral Therapy is based primarily on the Biodynamic Approach taught by Franklyn Sills of the Karuna Institute in Devon, England, author of
The Polarity Process and Craniosacral Biodynamics, Vols I & II. Sills made a deep study of the work of earlier teachers as well as his own explorations in consciousness and palpation skill. He is a significant mentor for Health Wave instructors. The Biodynamic style of cranial work teaches perceptual skills that allow the practitioner to move from one tidal layer to another for therapeutic purposes. Potency is accessed in the fluids to increase the client s self-healing capacity and intelligence. Consciousness expands in ways that connect the client to lost parts of self and other, with effective application to all levels of body, mind and spirit healing.

HWI Instructor Sharon Porter is approved by the CSTA/NA to teach Advanced courses. Her technique is also informed by assisting on the Upledger Institute cranial courses prior to finding the Biodynamic approach.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Intro Course 210

Usually one 5-day Module, 37.5 hours, no prerequisites, designed to introduce students to the Biodynamic approach and the content of the ten-module training. In some cases this Intro Course may be shorter, to suit the format needs of busy professionals. No prerequisites.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy- Courses 220-229

The usual format is ten 5-day modules designed to meet the requirements of the American Polarity Therapy Association of North America for their Registered Craniosacral Therapy (RCST®) designation. Besides the ten modules, the course requires extensive reading, homework, two projects (one being original research) , 150 practice sessions given, 10 sessions received from qualified RCST
®s, and a final exam. Students wishing to take the course without the intention to qualify for RCST® may be accepted by permission of Instructor. Anyone taking this program is required to commit to all ten modules:

220- Practitioner Skills
221- Cranial Vault & Mid-Tide
222- Reciprocal Tension Membrane
223- Skills of Conversation
224- Spine, Pelvis & Diaphragm
225- Occipital Triad and Sphenobasilar Junction (SBJ)
226 -Face/Viscerocranium
227 -Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)
228- Nervous System
229 -Birth Process

Prerequisites: STR or equivalent (talk to instructor), or the STR video course completed by module 3. Anatomy and Physiology is recommended but not required. Read texts listed below or take a course at a local college or on line.

Additional estimated costs
Required texts $87, Skull $40-400, Bodywork Table $250-650, Additional suggested reading, see
reading list.


Polarity was developed from 1920-1973 by Dr. Randolph Stone, an osteopath, naturopath and chiropractor. A highly-respected practitioner, Dr. Stone researched the energetic basis for all natural healing processes, studying and travelling widely. His contribution was mainly to the understanding of the electromagnetic energy fields that flow around and through humans and how these are affected by bodywork, exercises and lifestyle choices. He diagramed these energy fields, geometric and reflex patterns, and resonances between different body areas. He applied this research to mind and soul as well as body, using his understanding in self-care methods, therapeutic foods, bodywork, and energy exercises that move blocked energy and redistribute it toward balance and healing. The bodywork includes rocking moves, light contacts, and deep tissue bodywork. Locating blocks and palpating the energy system is included in this course, whereas some Polarity courses teach only a series of contacts. Sharon Porter studied with Dr. Stone in 1973, when he was 83 years young. Porter co-founded and taught in the first large school of Polarity Therapy, from 1974-86. She teaches some of the Energy Exercises in all Health Wave courses, as breaks from the more sedentary aspects of lectures and bodywork.


Polarity Therapy Intro Course 310
A four-day course that teaches the Basic Session and an introduction to Polarity Principles as applied to therapeutic foods and exercises.

Polarity Therapy Level I Course 320
A 16-day course that includes the Polarity Intro and takes the student into specific bodywork for various energy blocks and disturbances and deepens the understanding of energy principles, especially of the electromagnetic fields and chakra system and their therapeutic application. Those wishing to be accepted as an Associate Polarity Practitioner designation by the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) meet additional requirements of sessions given and received. See


Energy Medicine Certification (CEMP) Course 410

Porter is herself an innovator in the field of subtle energy and energy medicine, developing her own style of therapy and teaching. Her work is both taught and caught.

An Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner (CEMP) will be awarded to applicants completing:

A. STR certification
B. Completion of Foundation training for RCST® requirements or its equivalent in Biodynamic cranial approach.
C. Polarity Therapy Level I
D. Three Advanced HWI seminars (2-5 days each) of the student s choosing, which might include Process Workshop, Birth Dynamics, or other Stand Alone Courses
E. CEMP Integration Course (7 days)

The Integration Course encourages creative/therapeutic play with the above Energy Medicine modalities and whatever else the student brings to the course (intuition, additional modalities, life experience, etc.). The students will take turns showing their work and receiving feedback from the other students and the Instructor, plus Instructor demonstrations and discussion of how best to use our gifts. If time allows, clinical questions will be answered, and new material may be introduced. EMC is a Health Wave Institute certification.


Process Workshop Course 420
Process workshops will be offered from time to time, to allow personal growth in a group setting. Although these workshops are designed for lay persons, they are highly beneficial for students in the professional training programs, both for their own needs and to see non-students receiving the work. The Instructor presents some basic STR principles to accelerate the processing work, which may include bodywork and other aspects of HWI therapies. Processing focused on one person at a time is interspersed with group processing, stretching, perceptual exercises, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).
3 days, total about 16 hours, with breaks to enjoy being in nature when the weather is good, or the therapeutic hot springs (optional) which are good in any weather.


Birth Dynamics Course 425

This four-day course prepares students to begin to work therapeutically with birth year trauma for both parents, adults who have suffered birth trauma, and the babies and children. Videos, books and stories of good births. traumatic births, and modern and ancient approaches to birth are shared, and 3D models of birth passages are shown. Each of these are followed by discharge of whatever has been activated in students by this material. These experiences are linked to how the patterns from the birth year (conception to three months) commonly show up in bodywork and STR sessions, with demonstrations of how to work with these forces and states, including recognition and discharge of anesthesia and other drugs. The students practice taking each other s birth history and then give each other sessions based on some of that material. Research by Alan Schore, Michael Odent, and midwives is referenced. While a short course cannot be expected to completely train practitioners on this complex subject requiring great delicacy of skill, students report that it has helped them to better recognize and work with these seminal experiences.
Videos include Russian Water Birth, Self-Attachment (first nursing, drugged vs unmedicated) Calming Reflex, Circumcision, Caesarian, South African Kangaroo Care (for preemies and newborns).
Four full days for $450.


Pre and Post Op Trauma Healing Course 430
In this course students learn how to prepare clients for surgical procedures by uncoupling issues and experiences related to the anticipated surgery. Doing this prevents complications and speeds healing. Includes dental procedures. Students then learn how to check post op to see if trauma remains and how to discharge it, working with anesthesia, surgical procedures, hooks to past experience, near death states, and disease states related to the surgery. Light bodywork contacts and STR dialogue are demonstrated and practiced by the students after they have taken a health history. Those students with a cranial background are reminded of cranial skills well applied in this situation.



Progress Policy:
Evaluation sessions and events are part of each program schedule. In evaluations, instructors use a variety of methods, including interview, observation, demonstration, written case studies and/or other homework, to determine student progress. Health Wave Institute programs areungraded. Students making unsatisfactory progress are given options to improve skills. These options include attendance at additional events, tutorials outside of regular class hours, videos where available, and practice supervision.


A Career in Energy Therapies and Energy Medicine
A Career in Energy Therapies and Energy Medicine
When I started working with energy in my work as a healer and Health
Educator, many disputed the very existence of bio-energy fields, while
others found the idea of energy troubling. Now scientists from several
disciplines have done extensive research with sensitive instruments. They
have proved that all living things have an energy field. Physics and
sensitive palpation are revealing more and more layers of this wonderful
system, which now includes the energetic potency within fluids, the chakras,
the meridian system, the energetic patterns of trauma, the molecules of
emotion, the impulses of intention and the existence of non-local reality.
Energy studies includes many other intriguing phenomena. HWI programs take a
grounded view of the practicalities and skills of this expansive field,
choosing modalities that complement each other, that have solid explanations
for how they work, and that are safe and effective. There is great advantage
to combining cranial, polarity and STR work, so we encourage you to explore
the whole of our work. We anticipate adding other faculty in the future who
will bring additional contributions to the Institute.

About the Name of our School and our Philosophy

The Name, Health Wave, is meaningful for us for in several ways. The movement toward healthy lifestyle choices, preventive measures, and energy therapies has now reached the mainstream. The natural health wave has caught on.

When our energy is available to us, it moves in Waves, including the deeper, slower waves of the cranial Tides. It warbles in a wave pattern like a bird s song. It has continuity and midline. It arises out of the stillness of the power of the sea, is driven by the winds which arise from the horizon and reach us with the Intelligence of Spirit that is beyond time and which connect us to the deepest aspects of ourselves. Energy is an experience that lets us know we are alive. It s the tingle after a brisk walk, the warmth in our chest when we are touched by tender feelings, the inspiration that comes from our Source. Energy is expressed as the in-breath and the out-breath of life, in continual phases of contraction and expansion, as the waving loop of the infinity sign.

It s the sunlight shimmering on the water, or the adamantine particles of light that fill and surround every molecule of our precious universe. In the Bible it is referred to as the Breath of Life.

We focus on the Health in a client s system, rather than on his or her Pathology. Symptoms and sad stories are listened to and recorded for use in therapy, but they are not the main focus of the treatment, because we know that problems are just a sign that the body s energy system is out of alignment. We access Health as the juice needed to power the client s own internal healing intelligence. When we locate blocked energy, we look for the kernel of Health within that block, and as we watch it and support it, it begins to dance.

Sharon Porter has been teaching Energy Medicine since the early 1970 s, when she began teaching Hatha Yoga in the SF Bay Area. She co-founded and taught in the first large school of Polarity Therapy, which expanded to several locations along the West Coast before dissolving in 1986. She then taught on her own in California, Colorado, New York, Ohio, British Columbia (Canada), developing her own approach to healing and consciousness. Her sensitivity to energy patterns and fields allows her to track what is going on in the client. When she is giving a lecture-demonstration in front of a class or conference audience, she interprets the field patterns that are moving her hands so that others can see the connection between our energy and our thoughts and feelings.

Sharon s Certifications include Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP), Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST®), Yoga Teacher She is also a Yoga Therapist, a Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises Provider, and exercise physiologist, incorporating work from many traditions: Pilates, Restructuring, Posture, Power Walking, Ball Exercises, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and influences from several styles of yoga.

In the course of 35 years of study, teaching, and work with clients, she has integrated the work of many great teachers with whom she has personally studied, including Rama Jyoti Vernon (founder of Yoga Journal and Yoga Teachers Assn.), Dr. Randolph Stone (founder of Polarity Therapy), Dr. David Berceli (developer of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises - TRE), Dr. Ray Castellino (founder of BEBA - Birthing Evolution, Birthing Awareness), Dr. William Emerson (Pre and Peri-Natal Psychology Assn.), Dr. Ann Wigmore (live foods), Dr. Brent Baum (founder of Holographic Memory Resolution), Dr. Stanley Kelleman, DC (whose books include Emotional Anatomy), Dr. Vasant Ladd (Ayurvedic Medicine), Franklyn Sills (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy), Dr. Peter Levine (founder of Somatic Experiencing), Pat Ogden (Hakomi Integrative Somatics), John Upledger (Upledger Institute), and many other esteemed colleagues.

Dan Burgess, RCST®, APP
Dan is Administrative Director of the Institute. He also assists Sharon in most classes and contributes to the teaching. Dan is an RCST
® with additional advanced training, and an Associate Polarity Practitioner (APP).


(*indicates required for that course, others are suggested)
Cranial Foundation Course
*Porter, Sharon, hand-outs, case studies
*Sills, Franklyn,
Craniosacral Biodynamics Vols. I (2003) and II (2004), North Atlantic (Revised editions where available)
*Kern, Michael,
Wisdom in the Body Thorsons (Harper Collins), 2001
*Shea et al,
Standards for Practice 2005, CSTA/NA
Tortora, Jerry,
Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, Harper Collins College Publishers, 1993 or later
Netter, Frank,
Atlas of Human Anatomy, CIBA-GEIGY Corp., 1991 or later
Becker, Roland,
The Stillness of Life, Stillness Press 2000
Sutherland, William,
Teachings in the Science of Osteopathy, Sutherland Foundation
Blehschmidt, Erich,
The Ontogenetic Basis of Human Anatomy, North Atlantic Books,

STR Course

*Levine, Peter,
Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, North Atlantic Books; audiotape on Sexual Healing, Foundation for Human Enrichment,
*Heller, Dianne,
Crash Course,
*Porter, case studies (unpublished ms, including birth year) and course manual
Scarf, Maggie,
Secrets, Lies, Betrayals
Kharitidi, Olga M.D.,
Master of Lucid Dreams
Baum, Brent,
The Healing Dimensions

Polarity Level I

Stone, Randolph,
Polarity Therapy, Vols I and II
Chitty, John and Muller,
Energy Exercises
Sills, Franklyn,
The Polarity Process

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner (CEMP)

*Oschman, James,
Energy Medicine

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),, download free manual and order videotapes

Reading for additonal courses by request

Due to extraordinary conditions such as inclement weather, students will be notified as soon as possible by phone and email.
Credit for previous training shall not impact the refund policy.