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Private Sessions with Sharon

in person, by phone, or skype

Sharon Porter, RPP, SEP, RCST®, Mind/Body Practitioner

Body Psychotherapy, Energy Medicine, Somatic Experiencing
Polarity Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy,
Somatic Trauma Resolution, Tension and Trauma Exercises and other Self-Care

In Private Sessions, Sharon usually combines several modalities. Bodywork ranges from the lightest of touches to deep contacts into densely crystalized areas, to rocking movements. Exercises are given as needed, in sessions and as homework. Clients experience a profound sense of relaxation and connectedness that they describe as feeling whole, new and very alive.

Sharon has always been fascinated by the body-mind relationship and has developed her own unique ways of bringing her clients to greater understanding and empowerment. Treatments are often filled with laughter as well as education and deep cellular exploration. it is not uncommon to release shock, anesthesia and other drugs that have been inhibiting the system. Sensation tracking and dialoguing then clears the cellular memory and brings about deep empowerment, with emphasis on enhancing the client's strengths and resources.

In a session with Sharon, you will feel like a partner on a grand adventure to explore and appreciate the wonder of life. You do not have to have a serious problem. You can simply enjoy the experience of your own energy system flowing under the hands of a master practitioner.

Sharon's experience includes work with physical and emotional pain from incest, abuse, birth trauma, auto accidents, injuries, arthritis, drug abuse, depression, headaches, back and foot problems, dental work, and stuck emotional patterns. She is referred clients by psychologists, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, healers, intuitives and M.D.'s and is happy to work with the referring practitioner for the good of the client.

Sharon has trained practitioners in several countries to use movement, sound and breath along with contacts and pressures that take advantage of the natural leverages of the body.  She is expert in Hatha Yoga, Polarity Exercises, and other jewels she has picked up from clients and teachers.  Her Somatic Trauma Resolution work includes the use of large gymnastic balls and a Tuning Board that clients often use at home.  Additional areas Sharon incorporates into her private sessions and teaching include gestalt therapy, diet, herbs, homeopathics, flower essences, humor and inner child work.


Phone or Skype Sessions. Call 949-276-7443 to schedule or email here

Skype is free from anywhere and allows us to see each other via computer.

Phone sessions with Sharon can be suprisingly effective. Sharon will ask questions that enable the client to safely discharge schock and trauma while gaining insights and changing long-held but restrictive belief systems. She is able to use her knowledge of the body and many aspects of health to guide the session.

She can forward you her Disclosure Form, which you will print out and return by snail mail.

You are welcome to email Sharon:

1) a list ot your traumas and the appoximate age you were when they accurred, including pre-natal. This does not have to be complete - in fact, it rarely is.

2) your symptoms and, if available, your medical diagnosis.

3) one to three activiities you do or have done that you enjoy and that are empowering for you and give you a feeling of success ( if you can't think of any, just omit this).


For private sessions, training and lecture demonstrations, or to sponser Sharon in your area contact the Health Wave Institute at 949-276-7443 or email

Client Recommendations

"I went to Sharon for help with a broad range of health problems - draggy energy, 12 years of ear and sinus infections, gum pain, a blocked feeling in my head which made clear thinking a strain, ringing in the ears, and a toxic liver. The doctors recommended surgery. After one treatment I was clear-headed, with reduced pain and renewed hope. Six sessions later, I am nearly pain free, with energy flowing throughout my body. In sessions with Sharon, I benefited greatly from her multitude of talents and extensive training. She has many tools in her bag--herbs and cleansing, an impressive array of skillful bodywork, effective exercises to take home, and understanding of the connections between body, mind, and emotions. She is truly working with the whole person. She gives helpful feedback, is patient, and is very knowledgeable about the dynamics of health care."

Bart Tabor, businessman more testimonials here

What do the initials stand for after Sharon's name?

SEP is Somatic Experiencing Practioner, a certification from the Foundation for Human Enrichment (

RPP is Registered Polarity Practioner, from the American Polarity Therapy Association (

RCST® is Registered Craniosacral Therapist, from the Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (

Disclaimer: This web site, Sharon Porter, her staff and the Health Wave Institute do not claim to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please see your physician for serious health problems. This is an educational content site.

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