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Client Recommendations

"Over the last forty years I have experienced drug intervention, and a wide variety of different forms of psychology, psychotherapy and bodywork. Some were of no value, others only a little effective, and only one other therapy resulted in behavioral change. What made Sharon Porter's work unique were the quantum leaps I have experienced since working with Sharon. Symptoms of burning eyes and burning sensation in other parts of my body are gone. Self-judgments, which led to thoughts of suicide, are gone. Equally important for me is that I am now able to sit in the stillness. I am eternally grateful to Sharon for facilitating these profound changes in my life."
Morgan de Thouars, Denver holistic practitioner

"The "Trauma Release" technique is a good tool to have in the health professional's armamentarium....Since we so often see people shortly after a physical or emotional trauma, we can help patients complete the physical release that was started at the time of the trauma so that it doesn't have an opportunity to become a frozen pattern. It is also a useful tool to use in our own families and on ourselves when faced with traumatic events."
Pam Kircher, M.D, author, presenter.

"I went to Sharon for help with a broad range of health problems - draggy energy, 12 years of ear and sinus infections, gum pain, a blocked feeling in my head which made clear thinking a strain, ringing in the ears, and a toxic liver. The doctors recommended surgery. After one treatment I was clear-headed, with reduced pain and renewed hope. Six sessions later, I am nearly pain free, with energy flowing throughout my body. In sessions with Sharon, I benefited greatly from her multitude of talents and extensive training. She has many tools in her bag--herbs and cleansing, an impressive array of skillful bodywork, effective exercises to take home, and understanding of the connections between body, mind, and emotions. She is truly working with the whole person. She gives helpful feedback, is patient, and is very knowledgeable about the dynamics of health care."
Bart Tabor, businessman

"My first session cleared up depression that had been plaguing me for months following a miscarriage, and from there it's just been ever upward! Another time she recognized and released shock I'd gotten from lightning. When I injured my neck, she found the cause and released the blockage that had been pulling me out of alignment. I feel like a new person after every session. She's just the best."

"It seems like my body has been trying to show me a way to do this (trauma release) for years, through the symptoms and tightness. I tried chiropractic, massage, workshops, past life regressions, but when I saw Sharon s description of her work, I knew it would help me. After working several times with Sharon, I understand the process and can finish off the discharges at home, on my own. I also know that I would treat trauma in my children much differently now, after reading the book Sharon lent me."
Female client

"She connects you to your own internal wisdom and then empowers you to follow it. The work is amazingly effective." Psychotherapist recovering from a loss

From Practitioners and Students

"Psychotherapy continues to firmly entrench patterns - all you do is discuss the problems over and over again, focusing on what's wrong. Working only with the mind. The patterns need to be released from your physiology; only then will you be completely free from them. Psychotherapy does not allow or facilitate the resolution of patterns in the physiology.The work Sharon Porter does - tracking bodily sensations and working directly on the body, focusing on what does work - is the most efficient work for releasing old patterns that I have experienced. I am training with her for that reason".
Marty Hughes, MSW

"Sharon Porter is a first rate health practitioner to whom I refer patients and students. Her teaching skills are outstanding."
Ray Castellino, DC, RPP
Director and Founder, Beba
(Training and treatments for birth trauma)

"The love and warmth that surrounds you, and flows through you and your husband Dan is so comforting and healing. I so much enjoyed your class. It was such a thrill to be able to feel the energy releasing and flowing both in myself and others!"
Carmen Marcinkiewicz, student

Course Recommendation

"I am a professional body worker, and an energy worker. I can feel stuck areas of the body, but I did not have any means of permanently releasing them. This work enables accessing and releasing of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and realities in a most safe effective way. Every psychotherapist, every body worker, every teacher and every person on the planet who interacts with other human beings needs to learn and practice this work."
Morgan de Thouars

Comments on Bodywork Training combining Polarity Therapy and Cranial

"The Bodywork Class opened up for me a whole new way of seeing myself and my body and has helped me become more comfortable to be able to work on other bodies. I am so grateful to have this expanded perspective. You are such an inspiring teacher! Your love for your work is obvious - and contagious....And thanks to Dan, too, who is also a pretty darn good teacher."
Dixie Newman, homeopath, herbalist and organic farmer

"I appreciated all the theory and could see weaving even more in over the duration of the course. I also appreciated the variety and amount of actual techniques covered. "
Alicia, Bodywork Teacher

"The body, energy and cranial work is fascinating! The more I play with it, learn and practice, the more I want to know. It has been a good mix of different strategies and techniques....I have gained a great respect for those who make craniosacral work look so easy...Sharon makes it look easy, and this class has given me appreciation for how talented she interest grows daily...I am interested in taking more classes, in more certification."
Pam Miller

"I enjoyed and benefited from the class greatly! The format - alternating lecture and practice - made the amount and complexity of the material easier to grasp. Having Dan as Teaching Assistant was helpful too! I believe that having different people explain the same concept (in their own words) makes it easier to learn and retain.
Incorporating the different aspects of polarity - the energy flows, the craniosacral fluids - into what I already know and do on a daily basis has made both my Tai Chi and Yoga practice much fuller. I really enjoy the Poalrity Yoga and would look forward to learning more. I love getting bodywork/sessions, but the self-help techniques are something you can do continually. The short supervised practice sessions between classes were very beneficial - a must! I am very interested in more hours - this format worked great for me!"
Roxanne Jewell, exercise teacher

"I thought that your class was wonderful, and informative in both the Polaarity and Craniosacral Therapy. I thought that you made the class both fun and entertaining. It was a good learning experience for me. I will enjoy using these techniques on some of my clients. Overall, I thought the class was very well put together, and I really had fun and enjoyed learning this. Although I have much more to learn, I plan on...continuing to take classes on this subject because I find it very fascinating. Thank you very much. I really enjoyed your class."
Vernon J. Fox, Massage Therapist and Construction Plasterer

"I ve felt the bodywork class has been of great value for me. The tools that were presented have broadened my abilities and allowed me to trust my perceptions much more. I will be able to use these skills in my practice and add a new dimension to it.
I also feel that on a personal level, being able to get in touch with a part of myself, hitherto unexplored, has been mind-blowing. This has been the beginning of the journey to self-discovery on a new level. Thank you Sharon and Dan!"
Wendy Wade

Bodywork Class

"Enjoyed the class. Glad I had some sessions with Sharon first and the trauma class - they broadened my understanding. The price and format worked well for me - it gave everything time to sink in and me time to practice."
Nancy Green, Postal Worker, Builder etc.

"Thanks Sharon and Dan for the teaching and healing space you provided for this class. The generosity of both of your spirits created a wonderful opportunity for learning and going deeper through polarity and craniosacral modalities. I truly appreciated the balance of your two energies together. Clearly you both have a depth of knowledge and experience to share.
Sharon, your great enthusiasm for this work is exuberating and your care and concern for the welfare and development of each individual was very present. Thanks again for your devotion to healing and sharing that with others! It was amazing to see the immense stream of knowledge and wisdom flow from you each class - and in each moment we spend together!"
Lynn Bishop, Art Therapist, Marketing Mngr.

"My clients are raving about the Trauma Resolution work and want to send me all kinds of people. I ve been the best chiropractically in years - I was a mess every week, now the spine has held for 8 months. My acupuncturist said after the last training that I was a completely different person. He was in worse shape than I was!
I love doing this work, and all the people I ve worked with are just as excited as I am - they can t wait to get back in here, and can t wait to refer people to me. And each session is so different. You can t judge somebody else s experience. "
Mary Louise Turner, Registered Polarity Therapy Practitioner

"The craniosacral and rebirth work Sharon has done on both me and my four year old son has helped make us both more aware of the birth trauma we both experienced and how to move forward positively in our relationship."
Pam Miller

"Sharon s bodywork helped me physically and emotionally to get through a very difficult and challenging time in my life. I was so impressed with the results and my strength and positive outlook that I signed up for her polarity class. I highly recommend her."
DH, School Teacher

3-Day Fluid Tides Intro Class (Cranial)

 Your high level of knowledge and expertise coupled with your delightful informal approach made the workshop experience truly pleasurable. I was able to instantly grasp the concepts due to the relaxed nature of your teaching style.
I was also pleased to see how you modified the materials to address specific requests of the participants or to address specific physical things that were going on with us. This greatly added to the interest and enthusiasm embraced by the participants.
You and Dan work BRILLIANTLY together, and I am very grateful for having had this experience. It has enriched my ability to work with clients and also heightened my awareness of myself as a universal being within the microcosm of the body.
I did not expect such a high level of healing and personal transformation to take place during this weekend and feel blessed to have received so much on a personal level in this way.
Claire Wilson, Polarity and Energy Medicine Practitioner/Teacher

"Although, going into this training, I had an understanding and appreciation of the inherent sacredness and wisdom in the body, this training has deepened and expanded this understanding beyond what I previously imagined. I have learned how to listen and observe, and to allow the inherent wisdom to come forth and show me its needs. It has shown me the profound level of healing and integration that can result from this modality.
I would have liked more copies of the anatomy pictures we looked at. Other than that, everything was GREAT! Dan s added input was greatly appreciated, and your teaching styles really complement each other. The Best part was everyone s humor  and making the learning process lighter."
Amy Withrow, M.T. and Sign Language Interpreter

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