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Lecture Demonstrations given by Sharon Porter, Director of Health Wave Institute, are available on a wide variety of topics for large or small audiences. See below.

The Field Energetics of Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Relationship between Bras and Breast Cancer, and Exercises for Breast Health

Polarity Yoga for Empowerment and Boundaries

Bodywork and Lifestyle for Seniors

Working on Your Own Feet  or Trading with a Friend

Exercises for Specific Problems

Lecture Demo on Trauma Principles and STR

Working with Fluid Tides in the Cranial System

Experiential Introductory Workshops on Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy  Three Tides and Foundation Training

Polarity Therapy  Principles, some Energy Exercises and the Basic Session

Reinstate Boundaries and Listen to your Anger before Forgiving

Defensive Responses  A Key to Abuse Recovery

The Bunion and Dowager s Hump Workshop  Posture and Exercises

Getting the Most from your Power Walking

Playshop on Balls and Tuning Boards  using them for Trauma Recovery, Fun and Conditioning

A Simple Prostate Exercise

Baby Topics

Positive Communication with Your Pre-Born

Pre-Natal Influences

Baby Signing before Baby can Talk  and Picking Up Their Signs

How Conscious is Your Baby?

Birth Games  Unless You d Rather be Head-Bashed

Ways to Settle and Calm Your Infant

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