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We've Moved Health Wave Institute is no longer a Colorado State Board of Education Division of Private Vocational Schools approved school.

Sharon Porter and Dan Burgess have moved to San Juan Capistrano, in Orange County between L.A. and San Diego. John Wayne Airport is closest airport, and we are two miles from an Amtrak station.

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Sharon Porter is a Health Educator, Bodyworker, and Body-Centered Psychotherapist gifted with experience, skill, compassion and humor. She maintains a private practice and has trained holistic practitioners since 1974. Her school is Health Wave Instititute, which offers professional and lay training in Trauma Work, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy (energy work), and more. Phone sessions and video courses allow distance education. She also teaches in several locations. View Sharon's upcoming course schedule


Somatic Experiencing

Transform trauma into empowerment and healing on all levels using a powerful new approach called Somatic Trauma Resolution, based in part on Somatic Experiencing. Trauma is defined as anything that is overwhelming to the nervous system of an individual, so it may include birth, drugs, surgery, accidents and injuries, emotional or physical shock, abuse, or even discouraging messages about ourselves. STR is an effective way to prevent chronic problems from developing, or to release causes once illness has set in. A few STR sessions after an accident can save years of psychotherapy, chiropractic, and drugs. You don t have to wait until Post-Traumatic Symptom Disorder (PTSD) has set in. Basic STR skills, such as becoming curious about our bodily sensations, are helpful to anyone.

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Creativity and Joy

Sharon is a passionate advocate for Self Care - everything you can do for yourself to move energy, ride your emotions, strengthen posture, enhance immune function, strengthen and balance the spine, aid digestion, and turn imploded power into flexible boundaries, creativity and joy. She offers an eclectic collection of exercises, sounds, and breaths from several traditions.

Health Wave Institute Mission


Health Wave Institute (HWI) offers quality training from experienced, credentialed teachers in the field of Holistic health, with an emphasis on energy-based therapies. Our purpose is to ease the suffering of humanity while encouraging greater conciousness. About our name

Disclaimer: This web site, Sharon Porter, her staff and the Health Wave Institute do not claim to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please see your physician for serious health problems. This is an educational content site.

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